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  Western Heavy Equipment Rental LLC.    

Western Heavy Equipment Rental a member of Agappe Group of Companies having diversified business activities in different parts of Asian Continent, has been handling successful electro-mechanical projects in all the emirates of UAE since 1998. We are one of the leading electromechanical contractors/sub-contractors in UAE.
We are having totally dedicated and well experienced team of workers. Our team includes Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians and skilled workers. In order to provide quality service and to attain maximum output from the team, we trained the team members individually for all the
aforesaid departments.
We undertake all types of electrical works with full materials.

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 Plant Hire
Capacity - 5,10,15,27,40,60kva
Capacity - 100,120,200,250kva
Capacity - 300,320,400,500,700kva
Capacity - 180,200,250CFM
Capacity - 300,450,500CFM
Capacity -  700,800CFM
 Electrical Works
Open Wiring
Concealed Wiring
Control Wiring
Panel Termination
Cable Tray
GI Trunking
GI Piping
Water Supply Fittings
Sanitary Installation
Fire Fighting
Re Piping
Repairing Pipes
Detecting Leaks

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